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MV+EE and the Golden Road w/Sparkroutes at Odessa

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 9:00pm 

MV+EE and the Golden Road w/Sparkroutes at Odessa

Get way out there with us this Tuesday with MV+EE and the Golden Road. The Vermont-based psych/folk duo first blew our minds in January and left us craving more. For those of you who missed the last time, here's a snippet from their MySpace:

"in fact still orbiting the earth in vermont is matt 'mv' valentine, once the brawn of the tower recordings, and erika 'ee' elder, the CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture/The MV & EE Medicine Show, together with their dog zuma they run the child of microtones terran library of exploratory music and sing songs with fellow avatars 'the golden road'. sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes fingerstyle noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier volk...always environments. you will find many are one and they like to jam together within many guitar dimensions/amp realms...respectfully and yours hanging loose."

2613 Broad Ave

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