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The Baker's Dozen: An Unorthodox Benefit for UrbanArt

The galleries of UrbanArt, Material and Odessa are pleased to present their first united celebration: The Baker's Dozen: An Unorthodox Benefit for UrbanArt, featuring works by 13 premiere regional and national artists including:

Liz Daggett, Richard Gamble, Brendan Hudson, Anthony D. Lee, Carrol Harding McTyre, Greely Myatt, Sunny Montgomery, Nick Pena, Stiles&Crum, Christian Westphal, Kiersten N. Williams, Tad Lauritzen Wright and Jeff Zimmermann.

This is a one-night event, taking place on Friday, May 15th from with a silent auction from 6-8pm. Winners will be announced at 8:15pm in the gallery of UrbanArt. An online preview of the work to be auctioned is available at

This event is taking place on historic Broad Avenue as a gallery walk hosted by the galleries of UrbanArt, Material, and Odessa. Each gallery will display the works of approximately four artists, offering a wide array of mediums and interpretations within contemporary art.

The Baker's Dozen: An Unorthodox Benefit for UrbanArt will host a silent auction where the public will be offered opportunities to purchase artwork while helping to support a beacon of Memphis public art. Limited edition t-shirts designed by the featured artists will also be for sale.

$5 donation recommended.

The goal of this benefit is to galvanize awareness of three unique art organizations, local businesses and divergent communities on one night for UrbanArt.

Live music to benefit UrbanArt from 6:30pm until much later. Musical performance by Spark Route, Saturna, Loudersoft, and Hype Taylor.

Special thanks to Sekisui, Wade & Company Catering and The Cove for their generous food donations to the event.

UrbanArt, Material and Odessa
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